Pink Interview to Kevin Aymoz

Pink Interview to Kevin Aymoz

5 diciembre, 2018 0 Por Rocio Rugiada

Last year(2017) you won the french nationals, What did that triumph mean to you?

(we want to mean season 2016/2017 but have a mistake in the question)

Actually it was (2016)
The beginning of this season when I won nationals I was a little lost because it was the first coaching change I had had in 16 years. During this nationals it was an internal battle because I was skating for myself and it was the first time I was truly happy with my skate because I skated with my heart
I was especially triumphant because I won this competition for myself and I was not focusing on competing against others and it helped me prove to myself that I can do it.

Your skating in your two events of the Grand prix series in this year has yielded to great results, looking at the national championship, do those good results increase the pressure on you?

I was happy with the Grand Prix results it was a great confidence booster and it Motivates me to do better. I felt a lot of pride competing in my hometown and I was blessed to have that opportunity.

What are your goals for the rest of this season?

To continue to excel throughout this season. I’m working to place top 5 at Europeans and top 10 at worlds.
another goal its place a different new quad like salcow in the end of the season.

 You chose John Zimmerman and Silvia Fontana as coaches, even when they weren’t very much known and famous, can you explain us why did you chose them?

To start the store how I chose John and Silvia like coach. I met at the world team trophy( in april in 2016.) My federation told me its gonna be a good idea for me to go in july 2 weeks make my new long with John and Silvia. After this 2 week I asked my federation if I can stay 1 more week to make my new short too. After this 3 weeks I get a special feeling with John and Silvia and iIasked my federation if I can come back again in tampa with this team. I have a special connection with my team, I’m really emotionally person and I need this feeling to stay and train with someone.

 How was moving to Florida? Was it difficult to adapt the weather, training routine, language…?

The moving in Florida was slow, in first I come in Florida only one month (in July) after one month in October and another one in December. at the beginning I was really lost, because French is my first language and I didn’t really learn English at school in France, but everyone at the rink friends other skaters, coachs helped me to learn English faster, after one big year I was ok to have normal conversation with someone, it was so long and I was so afraid to be alone without friend, but every others skaters was so nice with me and helped me every day and come talk slow in English to me. The training routine is totally different than I did in France, but after some weeks I adapted. Three season on ice and one in off ice every days ( office training or yoga or dance)

How is your daily life there? We mean, training, study…

outside of skating I’m still student, I’m waiting to finish main school to go learn somethings else but I really don’t know what iIcan learn ( I have really no idea). I’m waiting to have visa to help me to work in USA togged some money and work at the rink because really love teach kids and skaters !! ( and teach dance !!! or be choregrapher)

What do you miss of France when you are in USA , what do you miss of USA when you are in France?

When I’m in USA, i miss the « european city style » because in USa if you don’t have car its really difficult to move somewhere !( and the french city have charming!) i miss my friend, my family and THE BREAD!!!! when I’m in France miss my coachs, the sun and the calm of Florida !!!

You have very original elements and movements…are your or your coaches’/choreographers idea?

Silvia, John and me have to many move idea !! thats really cool, this season my long programme its totally 33% Silvia 33% John 33% me,I’im really happy because the idea of John and Silvia and me idea, mix together make something really cool and I like it !! but for some move its from John ( like my special move The JZ SLIDE)

 The music of your programs are also very beautiful and original, how do you choose them?

On the Short Program, with my coach, we were waiting to find the music, and we saw the time fly. It was in March, after Worlds, and we said, oh we need to change the short. And after March, April, May, and we were already in June. Beginning of July, and we say “mmm, we need music.” And then you have too much music, I’ll be singing in the shower, or in the car, music everyday. i listen « horns by bryce fox » at home and i was like « wow i need try on ice this song » and I let this music play on the ice, in training, just the music like music to listen like in car or in shower
And John, and Silvia, came in like, “Wow, you play this music and you skate really well, alone.” Like my mind skated for me to the music and I didn’t really see. And John and Silvia said that it can be a really good music to do something, and we tried. The short was born!

For the mon its secret and long story Because the music “In This Shirt” by The Irrepressibles, it’s music I know from a long time ago, a really long time ago. When I was in a really bad mood at this point of my life, April until June. And I was in really bad shape physically, mentally I was a bit lost because I didn’t know what I was going to do with my life in skating, if I stop, if I don’t stop, because I was really lost everywhere in my head. And this music talked about something – I can’t tell, because it’s a secret, the magic of my program. Because if I say what’s the story behind, everybody is going to look differently at the program. And my program, it’s like a story of- that everyone can understand the story, what you want -But my story of this program, it’s really secret, but the lyrics of the music was really perfectly matched with my life at this moment. I was really lost, and too many lyrics – with my private life, with my parents, with my coach – everything was matching. And when I heard this song too many times, and one day – it was a long time ago I didn’t hear this music – and I was in a really bad mood, Sunday I think, and I was crying with this music. And I said, “Okay, we need to do something this season with this music” Because it’s the story of my life, this music, and I need to show to everybody. And John and Silvia arrived the next day too, and said, “We found the perfect music.” And it was another music from The Irrepressibles, and I said, “Oh my god! That’s perfect because I want to show you some music from The Irrepressibles”. And we chose the one I chose, because it was music of my heart. And we chose this one.

• What are your references in and out the ice rink? Who do you admire?

I have to many personne I like … Like every skaters because every skater have something different to show. But French skating have to many good skater like floored Amodio, Gabriella and Guillaume, in international I really love Patrick Chan, Piper Gilles and Paul Poirier, or Yuna Kim she was a really example for me on ice she is my favorite skater ever. Out of the ice its Florence Forest an humorist … I have to many similar point with her and she is really really funny and sooooo smart … and my parent, they learn me to many thing for the life .. and helped me to live my dream in skating. And for finish my first coach she is my reference for to many thing she is an amazing woman !

 In Grenoble you told us that you speak a Little bit Spanish…have you studied it?

Si hablo un poco espagnol .. I star learn Spanish long time ago but I want learn again because its an amazing language !! but I’m really bad for the moment lol

Now a few short and personal questions:

-Favourite book?

My favorite book: this book its hard to explain but its 30 persone write a little to the past ; exemple me at 40 i send message to me At 16 to say a life is beautiful and trust in life.
its an amazing book to help mentally , this book helped me so much.
( Lettre à l’ado que j’ai été)

-Favourite film?

My favorite things tv its not movie its a TV show, its Sense8 its just an amazing story.. and they talk about something beautiful of acceptation of everyone in life !!!!

-Action or comedy?

Comedy !!!!

-Sweet or salty?

I’m sweet and salty its good mix !!!

-Sea or mountain?

I can’t chose sea or mountain because i lived all my life around mountain.. and i need mountain .. but i really love the calm of the sea !

-Ice or fire?

ice !!!