13 septiembre, 2016 0 Por Rocio Rugiada


-Let us begin at the beginning…why did you decided to say yes to this interview?
We decided to say yes to this interview because it’s important for us to be available in the figure skating community and both time we went to Spain to compete, the fans were amasing with us, so it’s a certain way to give back to our spanish supporter.

-Last season was the first that you compite in Grand Prix senior, did you trust to reach the final? Which is the formula to reach the exit so soon?

We didn’t really thougt about going to the final , we just focused on doing our thing like every competition. We said at the begining of the season that it would be fantastic to compete in the grand prix final but didn’t really focused on this

-You withdrew from Worlds because of a Julianne’s injury, could  you explain  us what kind of injury  was and if she is already totally recovered? What did you feel on having had to get lost the worlds  after the great beginning of season?This is not the firs competition that Julianne have to withdraw for an injury, is this a recurrent injury?

It was a high sprained anckle. My anckle is fully recoved but I still need to be carefull to maintain it in good conditions. For worlds , we felt a little bit disapointed at first but than we decided to focus on improving things that was major. So we used the time properly to improve and be in shape earlier in the season. It was better for us to fully recover to make shure to not start the new year with an injury. This injury was not a recurrent one.

-We suppose that you are already working on your new programs for this season, can you give us an idea of that,  will be there any innovations? Have you thought the music yet? Will you repeat some program of last season?
Last season you surprised us pleasingly, do you think you will achieve also this year?

We are now working on our new programs. Our short program is on the music Skokiaan from Louis Armstrong, and our free program is on a medley of cinema paradisio ‘s soudtrack
Our short is kind of the same energy as last year with an upbeat music, and for the long, we wanted do express more maturity in our skating so we had work a lot on our lines and stuff like this

-For Julianne, you were competing several years as single skater and also in the category of pairs…how could you arrange both? Why did you decided compite only in pairs?

I was doing half and half. Equal time of training for both. And if one day I needed extra time for one I was adding a session. I decided to go in pair because I really prefer that category than single.

-Both compite befote with another Partners, how did you started to compite together? Did you thought that you could adapt and reach good results so soon?

Charlie moved with his old partner to train where Josée Picard was coaching and quit his partner after their junior grand prix season. After that, we just started naturally to skate together a little bit more everyday to start the competition in 2013
We didn’t think that everything would have come so fast, but we are really happy that all the offorts we put in training is well rewarded in competition

-In spite of your youth, you are the second canadian pair in ranking, how do you hold on look up and see the champions Duhamel&Radford? Is this a stimulus or do you have a bit of dizziness?

It’s always a stimulus to have the World champions in our country and we are always inspired by them and of course it always push us to the limit.

– What is the thing that pleases you more about your own skating and what is the one that you think you need to improve? What is the thing that your coaches provide you more?

Our Chemistry really help to enjoy skating event more and what we need to improve is our twist and throws to be able to do quad

-If you could change anything of current skating (rules, scoring system…anything…) what would you change and why?

We would add 10 secondes to the short program to be able to not run between elements and have more time for creativity

-Off ice , do you like to practice other sports? Which are your hobbies?
(charlie): In the city where I am born, there is a fronton where I play pelota vasca during week-end

(Julianne)I really love biking ! I usually do every weekend!

-And on ice…do you have any special Soutine befote compite? Are you superstitious?
We can not say that we are superstitious, but we like to have a routine in competition. We also have a special hand shake before going on the ice that gives us confidence and release tensions.

-Which are your  referentes? Whom do you admire on and off ice?

-Both you are students besides skaters, Could you explain us what do you study? And, How do you combine it with the competition?

charlie: I study part time in communications at university. I combine it easily cause I only got 2 classes which are late in afternoon so all the rest of my day is dedicated to my skating Julianne:I also study part time and I study in humain science. We usualy skates in the morning and in the begining of the afternoon so than I can go to school right after training. So I can easily combine both. 

-How is the atmosphere in the Canadian team? Are there good vibes? Do you have a good relationship between all?

Yes, we all have a good relationship, we are cherring for each others cause when we go in competition we don’t se ourselves as competitors but as a team which reprensent our country.

-Here in Spain, there isn’t a figure skating tradition, so the financinf is difficult, how is this in Canada? Is base skating promoted?

We have a good system in Canada to support all olympic sports. Our government has understand that if we want Canada to shine on the sportive stage, we have to support athletes to make them focus only on their job, which is to train .